Penguin Style December 2016 Cheats and Secrets

Hey guys! Tobercold here. Club Penguin has released a new December 2016 Penguin Style clothing catalog for Christmas! Here are the Penguin Style December 2016 Cheats and Secrets!

As always, just click on the Penguin Style catalog in the corner to open it and see the items!

Click “read more” to see the items…

This is the new cover for December 2016.

This is the first page, showing the new items in this Penguin Style Catalog.

This is the second page of the catalog, with a new coat.

The third page gives us some items for cold weather.


The next page also gives us some more items that aren’t for the Holiday Party but are rather for the Winter Season.

The fifth page gives us some Christmas items, however unfortunately they are items from last year and not brand new items, but are still good items to collect if you couldn’t get them last year.

There are more Christmas items on the next page, and some of these are new I believe, so make sure to grab these before this catalog goes away next month!

The Christmas train has returned from a few years ago, with this brand new outfit to wear! Make sure to buy this, as this item may not be around for much longer. There are also 2 other trains, a sleigh and a Rainbow Puffle one!

The penguins at work section of the December 2016 Penguin Style catalog is very cool! It’s a train conductor’s outfit, however the train in the picture does not come with it, so make sure to buy a train on the previous page if you want to wear one with it! I like these items, as they are more creative than some of the other items in this year’s December 2016 Penguin Style catalog.

Lastly, the backgrounds feature two returning Christmas backgrounds and two brand new backgrounds.

Overall, the Penguin Style December 2016 is a pretty good catalog to end a pretty good year for Club Penguin on. Unfortunately, there are no secret items, which is disappointing as there have been more re-appearing in some recent catalogs. Hopefully next year we can have Club Penguin Island be a success, less takeovers on Club Penguin and more original parties with more rooms decorated, more new items, more returning items from 6+ years ago and hopefully Club Penguin will have more players and paying members.

Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas.


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